Services Offered

Essential Appliance, Inc.- Working on an applianceDoes your fridge keep inadvertently freezing your food and beverages? Is the spinning function of your washing machine no longer working? Have the loud rumbling sounds from your dishwasher started to actually disrupt conversations? While commercial and household appliances are great for streamlining daily chores and large-scale tasks, they can be frustrating when they start to malfunction. That's why it's absolutely critical that you call a professional appliance repair team as soon as you start to notice signs of trouble. At Essential Appliance, Inc., we're your one-stop solution for appliance repair and installation services in Palm Beach and beyond. Whether you need refrigerator repair, dryer repair, or dishwasher installation, we provide all of our customers with expertise for new and old appliances alike. Call or e-mail us to day to get started!

Expert Appliance Repair

Established in 2005, Essential Appliance, Inc., is committed to providing you with the expertise and know-how necessary for a successful, long-lasting appliance repair project. Our knowledgeable technicians have more than 10 years of hands-on experience in the trade, which means we've seen it all when it comes to dryer repair, washing machine repair, and more. We'll be able to troubleshoot and diagnose your appliances with total accuracy and precision, and then we'll work tirelessly to repair the damage. Whether you need a drum belt replacement or door switch adjustment, we're the meticulous technicians you want at the helm of your appliance repair services.

Full-Service Appliance Installation

In addition to standard appliance repair services, Essential Appliance is also available to perform appliance installation on all of the industry's most popular residential brands. Whether it's a washing machine, garbage disposal, or oven, we'll put our years of experience and specialized training to work. Making all of the proper electrical connections and hooking up all the necessary water and gas lines, we'll have your brand-new appliance working at full capacity in no time. And if you're only replacing one appliance, we'll haul away the old one for you! When you want optimal, long-lasting performance from your appliances, Essential Appliance is your answer!

Warranty Repairs

Essential Appliance, Inc.- Red Washer and DryerGiven our reputation as consummate professionals, we're authorized to do any warranty work for American Home Shield, and we're also authorized to perform extended warranty work for Lowe's and Best Buy. So when an appliance breaks down while still under the manufacturer's warranty, we'll be able to have it fixed quickly and precisely, thus soothing your headaches and relieving your frustrations.

Honest Pricing

Essential Appliance is your no-nonsense solution for superior appliance repair expertise and results. Unlike some other appliance installation and repair companies, our service fee is incorporated into the total cost at the end of a completed job. You can count on us for honest, fair pricing whether you've hired us for refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair, or washing machine repair.

At Essential Appliance, we're fully licensed and insured. As proud members of BNI South Florida, you can expect nothing less than flawless craftsmanship, friendly service, and affordable rates. To get your appliances fixed and your home or business back on track, contact us today!